Underwater Tour 2019: The Stories Behind the Lens of an Underwater Photographer – padi.com Where can you find an evening packed with inspiration, adventure, discovery and underwater photography? The Underwater Tour! For its second year, The Underwater Tour will be travelling around Australia’s five State Capitals, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, from the 9th […]

Avoid the Trap – padi.com Apart from medical issues, what do you think most causes or contributes to serious dive incidents? Gear failure? Conditions? Panic? No, while these can all be factors, the number one cause or contributor in serious accidents is bad decisions. When we make good choices and follow accepted diving practices, unpleasant […]

The Benefits of Joining a PADI Dive Club – padi.com “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” — Ryunosuke Satoro Scuba diving is incredible. We get to explore places others don’t, encountering thrills, marine life and adventure along the way. You may wonder what could possibly make this better, but the answer’s […]

Going Bubble-Free with a Closed-Circuit Rebreather – padi.com Diving doesn’t get any better than feeling as invisible as possible. Especially when it comes to close encounters with marine life. The best way to do this: through a closed-circuit rebreather (CCR). Recently, Rolex’s North American Our World-Underwater Scholar Yann Herrera Fuchs decided to get in on […]

Cabo Pulmo National Park: A Community Story – padi.com It’s pretty well known that divers want the underwater ecosystems they love to be healthy and thriving. With so many threats facing the ocean worldwide, it can sometimes feel like things are going to just keep getting worse and worse. But when we look at areas […]

Visit the PADI Booth at Beneath the Sea 2019 – padi.com Join PADI staff at Beneath the Sea in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA. The 43rd edition of the show promises an exciting weekend of workshops, educational seminars and exhibits. At the show, you can: Meet treasure diver, Jake Dallmyd, at the show. Learn about the latest in […]

Under the Surface: Veteran Recovery Through Diving – padi.com Under the Surface is a non-profit organization that provides a place for Canadian veterans RCMP, police, fire, and paramedics to recover through diving. For the woman, and man, behind the organization, it was an idea that hit close to home. “I feel like everything I have […]