How Scuba Diving Calms our Busy Minds – Written by Laura Walton Descending into the depths on a scuba dive we can hear only bubbles.  We may also notice that the silence moves from the water and hushes the noise in our heads.  Mind chatter reduces and we can focus on the present, paying attention to […]

Scuba Diving and Sailing for Teens – Looking for a life changing summer camp focused on all things ocean? ActionQuest, founded in the mid-eighties, offers scuba and sailing summer adventure camps for teens in the British Virgin Islands. Students live aboard a fleet of sailboats for three week sessions, learning to sail and dive […]

Public Safety Diving Revisited – As the owner of Underwater Criminal Investigators (UCI) and the full-time Operations Coordinator for the Virginia State Police Search and Recovery Team, Mike Berry is both a leader and pioneer in public safety diving. Mike was one of the first people interviewed for our scuba careers series, but there […]

Are You Ready for Your Next Scuba Certification? – More than 75 percent of new divers say they want to improve their scuba skills by taking additional classes, but fewer than 40 percent ever do so. When asked why, many say, “I didn’t feel ready.” Most divers don’t realize the PADI® system of diver education […]

Documenting the Plastic Problem – People from all walks of life are using their voices and respective platforms to highlight the issue of plastic waste. We spoke to two such people, producer and cinematographer, Poppy Chandler and director Mike Wafer. Together they are working on creating the documentary Plastic Britain: On our watch to […]