These PADI Ambassadivers will inspire you to quit your job, dive more and be a better person – PADI AmbassaDivers are passionate individuals are committed to changing the world through their role as a PADI Diver or Professional. They elevate diving in their communities and across the planet, inspiring more people to pursue their […]

California Abalone – The California Abalone is a tale of abundance that lead to a steep decline. It was not long ago that Abalone in California were viewed as a non-depleting resource. One could provide dinner by diving and picking an abalone off of a reef. In fact, many claimed to have learned to […]

PADI Women’s Dive Day – PADI Women’s Dive Day is an event taking place on July 21st, 2019. This will be its 5th annual event.  It is aimed to welcome women of all ages into the inclusive world of diving, as well as to celebrate women’s contribution to diving. It is the largest day […]

Chamber Day – Catalina is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world given that it hosts more than one million dives per year. It also happens to be home to The Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. The chamber is available for treatment to injured divers who need it 24 hours a day, 365 […]

The Best Travel Cameras for New Photographers – Written by Matt Testoni, Underwater Photographer and PADI Instructor. Travelling with dive gear is often a bit tricky, balancing your bags weight between clothing, personal items and dive gear is a struggle divers know all too well. Add to this an underwater camera and all of […]